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You have an incredible product or service but humbly admit you need marketing guidance. You aren't sure how to talk to your prospects or if they're even listening.

With nearly 20 years of experience in advertising, media communications and marketing leadership roles, I realized there's a missing gap: Affordable marketing guidance to help entrepreneurs and small business owners better craft their story and connect with their audiences.

Marketing Consulting and messaging strategy for Entrepreneurs

My un-curated authenticity.
How I genuinely care for other people.
My obsession with a good story.
let's create yours.

what I'm known for:

As a fellow entrepreneur, I help you find your story, craft your message, create your images and set the framework for you to share your message with the right people. Whether your brand is 3 months young or 30 years old, we'll tackle the unique set of challenges to connect to your best-fit clients to solve your problems.

I'm equally left- and right-brained. I help you understand your "why" and make it more attractive to prospects.

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You want someone to genuinely care about you and your business. I'd be sad if this relationship were only professional.

Clients say I'm a great "business therapist".

You are more than a project.

Whatever you make or provide, you do so because you have an incredible gift and a desire to serve the world. My hope is that together, we make an even bigger impact in your world -- no mater how large or small. I don't take that lightly and work incredibly hard and smart to make your business better.

Results matter.

i believe that

You don't need to be fully dependent on an agency or a consultant to be successful. Because you started a business, you're already incredibly talented and gifted. Sometimes you just need the roadmap and a jumpstart to keep things running on your own.

You can still be independent.

i believe that

Rebranding to help others

Images and ideas that bolstered Blair Ritchey's fashionable brand

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How A Rebrand helped this entrepreneur book clients at a higher rate

event marketing that raised $10K for charity and boosted brand "cred"

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You're smart and savvy but if you're truly honest with yourself, you're muddling through the day-to-day -- rushing to the urgent at the expense of the important. You need more traction in your business. No more grunt work. No more guessing.

I share your same challenges, and I approach your business needs objectively, without judgment.

If you're still reading this, you might be my kind of client...

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It is very important and helpful, due to the nature of my job, to be able to work with account professionals like Michelle. You want someone with the right mix of work ethic, resourcefulness, grace under pressure and presence enough to see the big picture. Michelle's got all of those things and I know when we get to work together on a job -- and that's a lot -- that she's going to cover all of the bases and help make my job that much easier.

"The right mix of work ethic, resourcefulness and grace...."

Joseph Hughes,
The Adcom Group

kind words

I have been extremely fortunate to have worked with Michelle and her team at Kalman & Pabst for nearly three years. She has been an absolute pleasure to assist, always open to new ideas and very dedicated to her work. A true professional and a wonderful colleague.

"Dedicated, true professional."

Tom Sarago
Spruce Communications

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Michelle exceeded my expectations like nobody else I’ve ever worked with. As co-owner of KP Photo, I trusted Michelle to own, develop, and run our sales and marketing function. Michelle’s thorough, collaborative, and moral character was exemplified to an extraordinary degree as she helped us manage her transition out. I told her several times that “I didn’t think one in a million people would be as thorough and caring as she has been”. This is just who Michelle is, plain and simple. I trusted Michelle with a large part of my business for years and I would do so again in an instant. I know that anyone who is lucky enough to work with Michelle will come to the same conclusion. 

"Exceeded my expectations like no one else."

Mike Wasserman
KP Photo

kind words

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