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Turn back the clock to me, age 10, with a purple boom box recording my first "radio spot" on a cassette tape. Call me nerdy, but something about marketing sparked my interest, and so began my journey.

After receiving my degree in Marketing from Clemson University (2002), I garnered nearly 20 years of experience in retail, advertising, public relations, strategy and branding for consumer and business-to-business companies.

I learned that marketing is just as much of an art as it is a science --  proven practices and room for experimentation, which jives with my left-brain-right-brain balance. I'm a gifted writer, I'm visually wired and I have a weird intolerance for inefficient processes. 

The 90's Called. They want
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You'll see a lot of national brands that allowed me to get incredible marketing experience up to and at this point in my journey. My heart, however, is focused on folks like you -- humble, intelligent business owners who just want to help others and need some help to find their perfect client.

If you're a creative entrepreneur or businesses and share similar core values, you create products and services that are intriguing -- from handbags to counseling others, we'll be fast friends.

I work with businesses in Northeast Ohio but welcome inquiries from outside the region!

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Enough of the business talk. If you're going to shell out some cash for a good cause (um, that's you) you should probably know who you're working with.  

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You Just Went There.

TRAVEL + ADVENTURE. I'm all smiley in this photo but what you didn't see is my labored breathing uphill for TWO WHOLE DAYS. At the halfway point to Machu Picchu. 

MY HUSBAND. Mike is my rock, and quite frankly, I'd starve to death if he weren't such a fantastic cook. He'll hate this photo of him (we suck at selfies) but I don't have time to look for another one right now.

THE GREAT OUTDOORS. Any time spent outdoors makes me happy. I just pretend that mosquitoes think I'm "sweet". Bonus if the weather is great, too!

PHOTOGRAPHY. I've always loved photography, and, thanks to my terrible long-term memory, photos help me revive happy memories. This photo of mine was picked up by SCORE.

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