Blair Ritchey is a talented leather handbag designer and style maven. Her bags are sought by thousands who love her "functional luxury" approach to fashion and usability. 

Blair Ritchey Leather Handbags

client success

One of Blair Ritchey's brand challenges was connecting her beautiful product to what her clients expected in terms of size and wearability. Her website originally only featured photos of her goods. Despite having a popular following, she also needed to start considering a tangible look book to create a more appealing "need all the things" to her audiences. 

Additionally, as a one-woman business, Blair was doing all the content creation for her booming social media accounts. 

the problem

Create a library of lifestyle photography images that helps consumers better connect Blair Ritchey's products online to life-size reality.

Additionally, we bolstered her brand images to set a roadmap for a tangible look book. This included on-set talent, photography by Indigo Marketing, with art direction from Blair Ritchey. Images were activated on the website + social media and in a soon-to-be-released look book.


- Less stress for Blair as a business owner and more time for her to focus on the best and greatest use of her gifts.

- A bank of images for her upcoming look book and social media channels

- The knowledge of how to get better quality images on her own through observing and teaching on-set during the photo shoot

- ...and more success stories to come with our upcoming look book!

Better user engagement, fewer product returns and a more clear product representation for consumers. 



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