From designing a marketing strategy and building a brand to bringing collateral materials to life, I harness my nearly 20 years of marketing and braning experience to identify and develop best-fit solutions for you. 

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 An experience professional with an objective review is your best ally when decisions too feel emotional to embrace or reject. You'll ultimately come away with more clarity.

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Consultation sessions are designed to give you a neutral opinion, do a high-level review of your activities, bounce ideas off of me, discuss how to adjust your marketing approach and identify other "best fit" opportunities for your brand.

Each consultation is an hour long, but you can reserve up to a half day, weekly, monthly or quarterly sessions depending on your needs. 

You have a pretty good grasp on things but need someone who isn't as close to your personal brand to give you objective guidance.


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We'll go through a discovery process to identify your business goals and assess your current situation. Using that information, we'll work closely together to develop strategic and tactical (practical) plans, target audience(s) and on-point messaging. I can also recommend tools to measure performance (KPI's) and make recommendations for "best fit" marketing activities.

If you have a general grasp of marketing, but need a roadmap or a tune-up of your existing plan.


When you're focused on a few pieces of your business like design or sales but need to see how everything ties together to get you to your final destination, a strategy is key.

Connecting your authentic "why" to customers and how they perceive you aesthetically, as well as having someone to actually develop the visual and messaging assets is a compelling way to activate (or reactivate) your brand. 

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The essence of your branding is incredibly important in getting your target customers to perceive your business the way YOU envision it. I'll conduct a brand audit, help you define and/or develop a cohesive identity, which includes your "why" as well as the mood boards, visual design elements, and messaging that tie it all together. Even older brands need to refresh and retarget their brand look and feel.

If you're having a brand "identity crisis" and understand that your brand is much more than a logo and pretty colors. 

Branding and Identity

It's more than saying's saying the Right Thing that translates what you say into what you sell. It's listening, understanding then responding to your audiences authentically, at the right time.

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A messaging framework is like the foundation of a good house: It sets the solid base and the best-hitting words that address and shelter your clients' pain points. I can craft a message based on your brand's tone and overall strategic goals, and even help with a few of your first marketing pieces. You'll also get tips for both sharing and stretching your brand story to get the most out of your work. 

If you have trouble saying just the right thing and need someone to put your brand's personality into words.


Even the best graphic designers will tell you that compelling visuals make everything better. Strong visuals round out the total package (that's you) and how your customers perceive you. 

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Photography is the emotional component that define your visual and often sets the tone for graphic design aesthetic. From natural light headshots to simple, small indoor sets, to tabletop product photography, I can help you create a cohesive your visual brand in the right direction. I'll even teach you on set if you want to learn how to create visual content on your own.

If those iPhone photos aren't quite working, and you need beautiful images that tie everything together.


Not every problem needs time or money thrown at it. Processes and automated systems free up your time to focus on only the things YOU can do and can help to reduce manual labor.

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When you're so busy running your business, it's hard to figure out what to STOP doing just as much as what to START doing. I help you get your head above water by identify bottlenecks and business challenges by recommending and helping you implement systems to make your day-to-day more efficient and impactful.

If you're feeling overwhelmed with repetitive tasks and need automations, integrated systems and smarter processes. 

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